For adults


For Educators and other youth-serving professionals


Here are some of the trainings Ruthie offers to help adults have more confident and skilled conversations about relationships, decision-making, and sexuality. If you are looking for something slightly different from what is listed here, contact us to see if we can help you out!


sexual health education skills or curriculum training of Educators

Depending on the needs and skills of the facilitators, this can be a 1 or 2-day training, focused on providing educators with the content knowledge and unique skills needed to teach medically-accurate, inclusive, values-neutral, and research-based sexual health education.

Ruthie is a trained trainer in the following programs: Wyman's Teen Outreach Program; Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH); Draw the Line, Respect the Line; Positive Prevention Plus; Rights, Respect, Responsibility (3R's); Street Smart; and Cardea's Core Skill's Training.

Sexting, porn and media usage

This is a 1.5 - 2 hour workshop in which Ruthie uses a positive youth development lens to help adults have more strengths-based and proactive conversations rooted in critical media theory to help young people navigate the world of sexting, porn, and media usage.

SPARK - askable adults

Research shows that young people are looking to the trusted adults in their lives to talk with them about sexual health and sexuality, and yet often adults feel awkward and unprepared to have these conversations. This is a 2-hour workshop intended to help parents, mentors, coaches, teachers, religious leaders, and other trusted adults start and sustain comfortable and confident conversations with teens.

Trauma-informed education

Whether a person is teaching sexual health education or mathematics, it is important that they understand the effects of adverse childhood experiences on students so that young people's needs are adequately met. This is a 2-hour workshop, outlining what trauma is, how it affects a person, and how to be trauma-informed in interactions with students.

LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex ed

LGBTQIA+ students have historically been overlooked by reproduction-focused sexual health education. This 2-hour workshop discusses how to teach about sexuality, anatomy, reproduction, and healthy relationships in a way that is respectful of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

Altar the Talk

Traditionally, religious communities have had much to say about sexuality, but rarely has it been healthy or affirming. For many people, the shame-based education has led to dysfunction, disconnect, abuse, and unhealthy relationships. In this webinar, Ruthie will share conversations, resources, and lessons learned from sex education they have lead in religious (specifically Christian) communities to help you create an understanding and plan to better collaborate with religious organizations in your community toward sexual health.

So what is consent, anyway?

This is a workshop in which Ruthie will give you sample activities to teach the concepts of consent to young people. We will also spend time grappling with how systems of power influence our consent conversations with both teens and adults.

Gender-inclusive growth and development

How do you teach about anatomy, puberty, growth and development in a way that is inclusive of all genders? We will give tips and practice discussing these topics so that we can better teach gender diverse students without awkwardness!

Sexuality Conversations for adults

Sexuality and Spirituality

Many people find that the religious teachings they received about sexuality as youth and young adults were unhealthy. But in what ways are sexuality and spirituality linked? How do you know what is a healthy framework for you? How we create a better sexual ethic beyond purity culture? These unique workshops were designed to give adults to opportunity to critically explore the messaging they have received from religious communities about sexuality and create new and healthy connections between their understanding of their spiritual beliefs and sexuality. The conversations are useful for people coming from conservative and liberal backgrounds alike.

Sex Education for College Students

Ruthie works with college dormitories to provide young adults the opportunity to reflect on their values, self-knowledge, and identity as they transition into their adult sexuality. They give students information about their sexual health and opportunities to ask open and honest questions.

The training was informative, participatory, practical, and useful. The best part was learning the skills to answer difficult and sensitive questions.
— Teacher, regarding a training of educators